Amanda Callaghan

Amanda Callaghan
Amanda Callaghan

Curator, Cole Museum of Zoology

Cole Museum of Zoology
School of Biological Sciences
University of Reading

Telephone: 0118 378 4428

I am the Curator of the Cole Museum of Zoology which is the zoology teaching collection of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading. I therefore represent collections embedded in universities which face slightly different challenges to mainstream collections. We were in the middle of moving the collection to a new building when covid-19 struck.

I have just taken over the role of Training Organiser for NatSCA, planning and arranging workshops and seminars for the membership. In the current climate this may be challenging but I am hoping that the experience I am gaining in providing online courses and webinars for university students will help. I have an active research group who look at mosquito ecology and invertebrate ecotoxicology.

Current Tenure: