Project Placement - Rooted in history: Understanding Leeds's plant collection

Deadline: Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 23:30
Employer: Leeds Museums and Galleries
Contract Duration: 30 Days
Contract Type: Part Time
Salary: £18,328.00 (Pro Rata)

Leeds has a large and interesting plant collection. This project will investigate this collection, and the people who put it together, with the intention of making the plants and their histories more accessible to everyone. Work will include documenting and researching the collection in store as well as independent research at home. Producing social media content and blog posts to communicate the findings of this research will be an important part of this project. Training will be given on handling plant collections and using museum collection databases.

Our Project Placements are a training and development opportunity. We are looking for people who are:

• Starting out in heritage, culture or the arts
• Looking for a change of career and exploring options in the arts and cultural sector
• From a diverse range of backgrounds under-represented in the arts and cultural sector

What matters most is your passion for the project.

This is one of six Project Placements at Leeds Museums and Galleries in 2021. The funding for Project Placements comes from Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation funding to give people paid experience of working in a heritage/cultural setting, training and support.

Project Placements are a maximum of 30 days to be completed before the end of March 2022. We are open to it being fewer days to help people access the opportunity. Working days and times are flexible and are agreed between the individual and the supervisor.

To find out more, or if you need support in applying, we are hosting a 45 minute digital session on Zoom about all of the Project Placements and how to apply through the Leeds City Council online recruitment system on Wednesday 21 July 2021, 4pm. For the meeting details, email,

For further information about the Plant Project Placement, or further support in applying, contact: