Curator, Fossil Bryozoans, Sponges, Worms and Trace Fossils

Deadline: Monday, September 25, 2023 - 09:00
Employer: The Natural History Museum, London
Contract Duration: Permanent
Contract Type: Full Time
Salary: £33,396

Working within the Invertebrates and Plants Palaeobiology curatorial team, the Curator of Fossil Bryozoans, Sponges, Worms and Trace Fossils will have curatorial responsibility within the Natural History Museum’s historically important collection. The role will work closely with those responsible for the equivalent recent collections. The collections are frequently accessed by external researchers and are also used for the NHM’s public engagement activities, including income-generating exhibitions and events for the general public and media.

The curator will:
- Be responsible for collections management, development, care and identification of conservation needs within the named collections area
- Identify areas suitable for development and facilitate donations and acquisitions as appropriate
- Work closely with the NHM Unlocked delivery team to document, organise, sort and prepare the collections to ensure the move to a new site in Reading is both safe and beneficial for the fossil invertebrate collections
- Ensure best practice in collections care, understand approaches to due diligence and collections Registry policy such as Spectrum Museum standards and apply them to the area of responsibility
- Provide the information needed to maintain, develop, make accessible and use the collections, particularly by the development of digital records in the collections management system
- Facilitate research access to the collection and answer enquiries
- Contribute to scholarly outputs in appropriate outlets (journals, monographs, technical reports, scientific articles, etc)
- Seek and apply for funding to support projects