Jan Freedman

Jan Freedman
Jan Freedman

Curator of Natural History, The Box (Plymouth)

The Box (Plymouth)
Drake Circus

E-mail: jan.freedman@plymouth.gov.uk
Telephone: 01752 30 4774

I am the Editor for the Journal of Natural Science Collections and the online Notes and Comments. This involves editing articles and working with peer reviewers to ensure the papers are to the highest standard. Although it requires a lot of time and hard work, I find it really interesting to work with authors and peer reviewers on producing the Journal and Notes and Comments.

I am the Curator of Natural History at The Box (Formerly Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery). I work with amazing collections including entomology, spirit specimens, and sub-fossil bones. I undertake collections care, as well as engagement and exhibitions. My main area of interest lies with Pleistocene mammal remains.

Current Tenure: