Curator, Insects

Deadline: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 09:30
Employer: Natural History Museum, London
Contract Duration: Permanent
Contract Type: Full Time
Salary: £29,678 per annum plus benefit

Embedded within the Insects Division of the Department of Life Sciences, the Curator of social insects or beetles (depending on the skills of the successful applicant) will manage a collection of over a million insect specimens, ensuring best practice in collections care and providing access to natural history specimens in their taxonomic area. Specimens are to be acquired, curated and made available to facilitate research, teaching, training, reference and exhibitions. An emerging expert in their field of collections-based science, the curator will demonstrate ability in scholarship science (e.g. taxonomy, systematics, organismal biology) and have proven expertise in taxonomy and identification of either ants, termites or beetles. The curator works with other curators within either the Hymenoptera, Small Orders or Coleoptera sections within the Insects division. This post line is managed by the relevant Senior Curator in Charge (SCiC).