Journal Article

  • Degrees of usefulness: How important are museum studies qualifications in recruitment to the museum sector?
    Jennings, R.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 3, pages 3 - 18

    There has been considerable debate in recent years about the value of museum studies courses, but little formal study. This paper is based on a piece of research conducted in 2013 as part of a Museum Studies MA course undertaken by distance learning at the University of Leicester. The research aimed to provide data on the level of demand for museum studies qualifications from employers, and how qualifications are used as a criterion in recruitment. An analysis of job adverts was undertaken, to discover what percentage request a museum studies qualification, and employers were surveyed on their opinions of courses. The results of this study indicate that employers do not place a high value on museum studies qualifications when recruiting, and that demand for these qualifications has fallen over the last decade. The implications of these findings on the future of museum studies courses and entry-level training for the sector are discussed.

    Keywords: Museum studies; Qualifications; Entry-level training; Recruitment; Employment; Employers; Vocational training; Traineeships