Journal Article

  • Making a life-size model of a Rhizostoma pulmo (Barrel Jellyfish) for the Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales marine displays
    Townsend, A., Carter, J.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 3, pages 43 - 49

    Rhizostoma pulmo, commonly known as the barrel jellyfish, is a large enigmatic jellyfish commonly found off the southern and western shores of Britain. It has a thick domed bell of variable colour from whitish to blue, which can be up to 90cm in diameter, with four pairs of oral arms. It frequently comes to the attention of the public as it can end up washed onto beaches in large numbers. The marine gallery at AC-NMW contains specimens and objects which represent both the work of the museum scientists and the habitats and species from the local Welsh environment. In 2012 the Department of Natural Sciences chose to commission a life size model of the Rhizostoma pulmo to include in the marine displays. This paper documents the materials and techniques used to create the life-size replica jellyfish and also the practicalities faced in the preservation of real jellyfish specimens.

    Keywords: Displays; Scientific models; Jellyfish; Fluid preservation; Moulding; Casting