Journal Article

  • Enhancing accessibility and conservation of plant tissue samples stored in silica gel, and developing a disaster plan for this collection at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    Duque-Thüs, R., Fulcher, T. K.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 5, pages 35 - 40

    Many specimens in the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG), Kew Plant Tissue Collection represent rare and endangered species from difficult to access regions of the world, including unique samples from a diversity of taxonomic groups. Whilst storing research materials in individual laboratories during use is accepted practice, it is unsuitable for safe long-term preservation. This paper describes the process for deposition of plant materials into the
    tissue collections, best practice in recuration to ensure long-term preservation and storage, and disaster planning.

    Keywords: long-term storage, archival quality, biodiversity, best practice, CBD