Journal Article

  • A lure to take the biscuit: A Stegobium paniceum pheromone trial at the Royal Horticultural Society herbarium
    Harvey, Y., Swindells, C., Simmons, J.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 5, pages 13 - 20

    There has been no commercially available pheromone lure in the UK for monitoring biscuit beetle for many years. The Royal Horticultural Society’s herbarium at Wisley has trialled a new lure to attract male Stegobium paniceum (Linnaeus, 1758).

    The RHS herbarium, although annually frozen, still suffers from an infestation of Stegobium. A seven-week trial using Stegobinone lure traps was undertaken across the herbarium collection area. Control traps, without lures, were placed close to lured traps. Many more Stegobium were attracted to the traps containing the lures than the control, with beetles continuing to be caught long after the manufacturer’s recommended replacement period.
    The lure has proved highly effective, and the trial at the RHS has identified the epicentre of the infestation, enabling targeted treatment.

    Keywords: biscuit beetle, drugstore beetle, Stegobinone, Stegobiene, pest control, Hiresis®