Committee Nominations 2021

Trustees form a steering committee with obligations to ensure NatSCA meets our mission, ensure good governance and conform to Charity Commission regulations. Below are the nominees for NatSCA trustee positions standing for election at this AGM. The membership secretary has confirmed that those proposed, those proposing and those seconding are all current personal members of NatSCA. No term will exceed three years without re-election.

Nominee Position Proposed Seconded
Holly Morgonroth Treasurer Alison Hopper Bishop Maggie Reilly

Below are the nominated candidates standing for Ordinary Member positions on the committee:

Nominee Position Proposed Seconded
Jack Ashby Ordinary Member Clare Brown Mathew Lowe
David Gelsthorpe Ordinary Member Rachel Webster Dmitri Logunov
Lucie Mascord Ordinary Member Natalie Jones Emilia Kingham
Laura McCoy Ordinary Member Clare Brown Simon Moore
Glenn Roadley Ordinary Member Olivia Beavers Lukas Large
Laura Soul Ordinary Member Freya Stannard Kirsty Lloyd

There are six vacancies for Ordinary Members and six nominees.

Biographies of new nominees standing for election to the committee:

Laura McCoy, Curator of Natural History at Manx National Heritage
I have been a member of NatSCA since my volunteering years in museums and then latterly as a professional. I have gained so much from the membership, such as going on courses, attending conferences, not to mention receiving advice and support from my peers, that I wanted to give something back.
Career wise I have had the fortune of working in some fabulous institutions in the UK and abroad and I am now responsible for the Natural History provision of the Manx Museum and National Trust. This is a varied post, including advising on national policy, working with NGOs, supplying ecological advice on land management and planning, as well as my main role with collections management and all the list of things that includes.
I would be happy to support anywhere I can, leaning towards training, conference or conservation and I look forward to working with, learning from, and hopefully seeing you all again.

Laura Soul, Manager of National Learning Programmes and Partnerships, Natural History Museum
I am the Manager of National Learning Programmes and Partnerships in the Public Programmes division of the Natural History Museum, London. In this role I facilitate the Real World Science partner network of UK museums, which is focussed on peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaborative development of learning programmes. I also develop and deliver the activity through which NHM shares its collections nationally, such as the upcoming Urban Nature Project, and the ongoing Dippy on Tour. I have a background in vertebrate paleobiology and research interests in phylogenetic comparative approaches applied to the fossil record.