Journal Article

  • An Introduction to Ally Skills for Natural History Collections Professionals
    Phillips, M. A., Ye, H., Bledsoe, E. K.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 9, pages 3 - 16

    Natural science collections are, by their nature, collaborative and cumulative and benefit from the inclusion of diverse people with varied experiences and backgrounds. Yet many of us recognize that our workplaces, and STEM at large, are not welcoming to all, even after decades of efforts. It is increasingly clear that one of the challenges is that we lack training in turning our shared values into action. Allyship - the action-driven practice of leveraging privilege or power to make meaningful change in eradicating oppression - is one such strategy for implementing change. In this paper, we introduce allyship skills as a framework for actions to effect this change, discuss both preemptive and responsive allyship efforts, and share some simple daily actions you can take to get started.9

    Keywords: allyship, diversity, equity, inclusion