Clare Brown

Membership Secretary
Clare Brown
Clare Brown

Curator of Natural Science, Leeds Museums and Galleries

Leeds Museum Discovery Centre
Carlisle Road
LS10 1LB


As Membership Secretary for NatSCA I’m here to help anyone who wants to join us in promoting and caring for natural science collections. We are a membership organisation – made from and existing for our members - and so it is a pleasure to be able to look after that side of things for NatSCA.

For my day job I curate the natural science collections at Leeds Museums and Galleries. We are the largest local authority museum service in the UK with spectacularly diverse natural science specimens after 200 years of collecting. At Leeds, the natural science curator is responsible for all aspects of the biology and geology collections and so I spend my time making sure that the collections are as accessible as possible for as many people as possible.

Current Tenure: