Jack Ashby

Jack Ashby
Jack Ashby

Manager, Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL

Grant Museum of Zoology
UCL Public and Cultural Engagement
Rockefeller Building
University College London
21 University Street
London WC1E 6DE

E-mail: j.ashby@ucl.ac.uk
Telephone: 020 3108 2052

As an active member of the NatSCA committee, I enjoy being involved with the public engagement side of museums. In 2013 I managed a large scale evaluation project on behalf of NatSCA, which was carried out by external consultants in several museum sites across the UK, investigating visitors’ perceptions and preferences of different museum disciplines.

I am the Manager of the Grant Museum of Zoology, at UCL. Here, I oversee the strategic direction of the museum and manage the staff and finances. My background is in learning and engagement, and I oversee the marketing, press and social media activities of the museum. My specialist area of interest is the interface between the public and academic research, something which occupies a lot of my time as a manager of a university museum. My zoological area of interest is mammal ecology and evolution, particularly in Australia.